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The Francis B. Francois Award is an annual Award for Innovation, presented to one AASHTO member State, enabling that state to fund a $10,000 graduate fellowship at a state university of the winner’s choice. Innovation is defined as something worthwhile that establishes, increases, or enhances value to the public.

Any AASHTO member State is eligible to enter the competition for the Award. Each State is limited to only one award application submittal per award cycle. Entries will be judged on the innovation, sharing, approach, implementation of the innovation, and results.

While the Award covers results from August 1, 2019, through July 29, 2020, the innovation impact may be multi-year in implementation. For example, an innovation that was implemented in March 2009 for designing a ditch filtering system may be submitted if there were no results to report until 2011.  

The nomination will period will close on April 30, 2021.

Applicants must use the official application form. The results page must contain graphical or data displays only with minimal narrative. Data displays include graphic information (graphs, charts, trend analysis, results oriented data/information, etc.). Data labels and other text in graphical displays are not limited to 12 point font but must be legible.

Applications will be ineligible for consideration if:

  • Applicant is not an AASHTO member state
  • Application is received after deadline
  • The Official Application is not used
  • If more than 1 Francois application is received, state will be asked to rescind 1 application
  • Results are not included for the current award cycle
  • If the innovation was a previous winner of this award
  • If the Agency Leader approval line is not completed

To submit a nomination please click here. If you have previously submitted a nomination you can use your previous account information to log in. If you haven't submitted a nomination you will need to create an account.